Urban Eden Lip Balm Label

Actual size of label 2.19 x 1.85 overall with a 1.73 x 1.8 design area for Majestic Mountain Sage.
The print test is cleaner & crisper and quite legible versus the screen quality.

Urban Eden 1.25" Round Perfume Bottle Label 2 - no web

...And here is the perfume bottle label without the web address. Just a note - I've purposely chosen not to adjust the frame size proportionately to the circle size, so the 2" label has a finer line around it than the 1.25" - I think it helps to keep the logo "popping" and slightly whimsical at the smaller dimension.

Urban Eden Revised 2" Round Full Label

Here is the full label revised with a further "de-distressed" font!

Urban Eden Revised 2" Round Write-on Label

Here is the write-on label also with the less distressed fonts....

Urban Eden Revised 2' Banner with web address

Here is the banner with the less distressed font and etsy address alongside. I had de-distressed the tagline, but not the "Urban Eden" line, so it was probably too subtle. See if this is better!